Carmel Trainings & Deployments

Carmel Training provides training, implementation, consulting and project management solutions in the field of IT, information systems management, information development and security.

In the worlds of training:

Tutorials for organizations from the user level to the level of information systems manager, CIO, development people, IT infrastructure, BI people, information security, Azure & Office 365 cloud world management.

Computer application courses Office, excel, Visio, Project, Teams, OneDrive ….

Courses tailored to customer needs.

In the field of implementation, we are engaged in long-term project management in the worlds of training, Change Management – implementation and adoption of advanced technologies, introduction of new technologies to organizations, building training and implementation systems, Train The Trainer, knowledge transfer to IT teams, Help Desk and human resources.

Technical literature writing.

In the worlds of projects:

  • Consulting – technical and professional advice for change processes and implementation of information systems in the organization such as
    • Cloud Systems – Azure, 365
    • On-Prem Infrastructure Computer Systems (Servers and Applications)
    • Information security in the cloud and local environments
  • Characterization and planning – characterization of projects that include the implementation of systems in organizations, including planning, the ways of achieving and the goals of the projects.
  • Assimilation – Assimilation of the change processes until the achievement of the goals as they were characterized, from the training solutions to the implementation of actual systems in the broader organizational environment.
  • Development and implementation of enterprise cloud solutions
    • Development for Power BI
    • Development for Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps
  • IT maintenance services – support services for IT solutions and systems in medium and large organizations.
  • Licensing for Microsoft products including the various cloud platforms

Carmel Training has a team of skilled lecturers, with many years of training and practical experience, with international certifications in a variety of technologies. From the extensive practical knowledge that the instructors bring from the field, the company has grown into implementation activities and IT projects.