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קורס Advanced SharePoint Development


להרשמה לקורס יש למלא את הפרטים

This 5-day Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities. course This course focuses on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) fundamental building blocks such as features, application pages, site pages, Web Parts, custom list types, site columns, content types, custom workflows, and site definitions. You will also learn how to assemble and configure business solutions by using and extending the portal and web content management features of MOSS as well as other server-side services such as the Business Data Catalog, Forms Services, Excel Services and Report Center.

This course is intended for anyone looking to develop SharePoint customizations at a core level. This includes event handlers, features, site definitions, web parts, timer jobs and workflows!

  • Lean to extend many of the core features that WSS provides! These include event handlers, site definitions, features, solutions, and web parts!

Module 1: Overview


  • N/A

Lab 1: Site Definitions

  • Create One of Each WSS/MOSS Site Definition

Module 2: Custom Authentication


  • Debugging SharePoint
  • ASP.NET Providers
  • Single Sign On

Lab 1: Custom Authentication

  • Change the default Authentication Method of SharePoint to use a custom Membership Provider (ASP.NET 2.0)

Lab 2: Single Sign On

  • Learn how to Configure Single Sign On
  • Program web parts to use Single Sign On

Lab 3: Debugging SharePoint

  • Learn to Debug SharePoint via Log Files
  • Learn to Debug Via Visual Studio
  • Log to the SharePoint log File

Module 3: SharePoint Permissions


  • SharePoint Security

Lab 1: SharePoint Permissions

  • Learn to Add Users
  • Understand SharePoint Default Groups
  • Understand Security Trimmed Interface
  • Create New Groups
  • Create Custom Permission Level
  • Explore Site/List/Item Permission Inheritance
  • Web Application Zones

Lab 2: Security Trimmed Interface

  • Use the SharePoint SP Security Trimmed Control to hide content and controls

Lab 3: SP Security

  • Write code to elevate privileges

Module 4: In Browser SharePoint Customization

This module explains how to name, declare, assign values to, and use variables. It also describes how to store data in an array. (e.g., This module explains how to install, upgrade, and migrate to Windows 7. It also describes the key features, editions, and hardware requirements of Windows 7)


  • Web Content Management
  • In-Browser Customization

Lab 1: In Browser SharePoint Customization

  • Add/Move/Configure Web Parts
  • Add a Page View Web Part
  • Add a Content Editor Web Part
  • Add a Content Query Web Part
  • Create new Web/Web Part Pages
  • Create a Master Page
  • Applying a Master Page
  • Create/Apply custom CSS
  • Apply custom Theme
  • Enable Versioning and Content Approval

Lab 2: In Browser SharePoint Customization

  • Modify Site Navigation
  • Modify Quick Launch Navigation
  • Regional Settings
  • Create a Content Query Web Part
  • Create a new Page Layout
  • Create a new Page using a Page Layout

Module 5: Basic SharePoint Designer


  • Basic SharePoint Designer

Lab 1: Basic SharePoint Designer

  • Open An Existing SharePoint Site
  • Create A New SharePoint Site
  • Explore SharePoint Folders (Team Site)
  • Explore SharePoint Folders (Portal Site)
  • Create ASP.NET Page
  • Modify a built-in CSS Style Sheet
  • Create/Attach a CSS style sheet
  • Create/Attach/Detach a Master Page

Lab 2: SharePoint Designer

  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Add Web Parts
  • Add Web Part Zone
  • Adding Images (_images directory)
  • Reset to Site Definition

Lab 3: Basic SharePoint Designer

  • Enable Page Parser Paths





Module 6: Advanced SharePoint Designer


  • Backup & Restore
  • Reports
  • Data Views

Lab 1: Advanced SharePoint Designer

  • Explore Built In Reports
  • Create/Manage Data Views
  • Create/Manage Data Sources
  • Merge Two Data Sources
  • Link Two Data Sources
  • Data View Parameters

Lab 2: Advanced SharePoint Designer

  • Backup a Site
  • Restore a Site

Module 7: Content Types


  • Content Types

Lab 1: Content Types

  • Explore Content Types
  • Create A New Content Type
  • Document Information Panels
  • Default Workflows
  • Adding Content Types to Lists (Document Library)

Lab 2: Content Types

  • Content Type Inheritance

Module 8: Custom Site Definitions


  • Site Definitions

Lab 1: Custom Site Definitions

  • Create a new Site Definition (Manually)
  • Create a new Site Definition (Visual Studio)

Lab 2: Custom Site Definitions

  • SharePoint Solution Generator (list definitions)
  • SharePoint Solution Generator (site definitions)

Lab 3: Themes

  • Learn to create your own theme

Lab 4: Templates

  • Create a List Template
  • Create a Site Template
  • Create a Site from the new Site Template
  • Create a List from the new List Template

Lab 5: MS40

  • Install Microsoft 40 Templates

Module 9: Features


  • Features

Lab 1: Features

  • Learn to create a Feature.xml file
  • Use the Feature.xml file to point to a custom user control
  • Implement Feature Dependencies
  • Various Feature Types (List, Module, Content Type)
  • Feature Stapling

Lab 2: Features

  • Utilize the Visual Studio Extensions for WSS 3.0 to build Features!

Lab 3: Solutions

  • Create several features and package them as a solution file (.wsp)

Module 10: Object Model


  • Object Model

Lab 1: Object Model

  • Learn how to create a new ASP.NET Application on the SharePoint Server
  • Learn how to work with the Windows SharePoint Services Object Model
  • Replace server name with the name of the server

Lab 2: SharePoint Web Development

  • Adding Application Pages (Bin and Gac deployment) [_layouts]
  • Adding Site Pages [content database]

Module 11: Web Services


  • Web Services

Lab 1: Web Services API

  • Learn to find SharePoint Web Service
  • Add reference to SharePoint Web Service
  • Program to several of the Web Service Interfaces

Lab 2: Web Services API

  • Create a custom web service in ISAPI

Module 12: SharePoint RPC


  • RPC Protocols

Lab 1: SharePointRPC

  • Utilize SharePoint RPC

Module 13: Web Parts


  • Web Parts

Lab 1: WebParts

  • Learn how to create a basic web part
  • Learn how to deploy a web part manually in the development environment
  • Learn how to create web parts that interface with SharePoint Object Model, Databases, and Web Services

Lab 2: WebPartsConnectionsOld

  • Create Web Part classes.
  • Add child controls to Web Parts.
  • Render the HTML for a Web Part.
  • Create and display custom properties.
  • Implement event handlers.
  • Implement control event handler.

Lab 3: Web Parts

  • Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous Web Parts

Lab 4: Filter Web Parts

  • Use each of the Filter Web Parts

Lab 5: Web Parts Connections New

  • Create ASP.NET Web Part connections



Module 14: Client-Side Scripts AJAX Silver Light


  • Client-Side Scripts

Lab 1: Client Side Scripts AJAX

  • Use AJAX in your web parts!

Module 15: Custom Field Types


  • Field Types

Lab 1: Custom Field Types

  • Create A Custom Field Type (Regular Expression)
  • Create A Custom Field Type (User Control)
  • Create A Custom Field Type (Cascading Drop Down) – OPTIONAL

Module 16: SharePoint Events Timer Jobs


  • SharePoint Timer Jobs
  • SharePoint Events

Lab 1: SharePoint Events

  • Create an Event Handler feature

Lab 2: Custom Timer Job

  • Create a custom Timer Job

Lab 3: SharePoint Events Encrypt

  • Create an Event Handler feature that encrypts documents

Module 17: Shared Services


  • Shared Services

Lab 1: Shared Services

  • Create a Shared Services Provider

Lab 2: Shared Services

  • Program to several of the new 2007 MOSS Web Service Interfaces

Module 18: Workflows with SharePoint Designer


  • Extending Designer
  • WSS/MOSS Workflows
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows

Lab 1: MOSS Workflows

  • Create/Use Approval WF
  • Create/Use Collect Feedback WF
  • Create/Use Collect Signatures WF
  • Create/Use Disposition WF
  • Create/Use Three-state WF

Lab 2: Built in Activities

  • Use one of each Built-In Activity

Lab 3: Looping Workflow

  • Create a looping set of workflows

Lab 4: Custom Activities

  • Create a custom workflow activity for SharePoint Designer

Lab 5: Custom Conditions

  • Create a custom condition for SharePoint Designer

Lab 6: Migration Workflow

  • Re-associate a Workflow with a new list
  • Migrate a workflow to a new site
  • Migrate Designer Workflow to Visual Studio

Module 19: Workflows with Visual Studio


  • Visual Studio Workflows

Lab 1: Custom Workflow

  • Create a custom workflow using Visual Studio

Module 20: Localization


  • Localization

Lab 1: Localization

  • How to change the localization of your SharePoint sites

Module 21: Excel Services


  • Excel Services

Lab 1: Excel Services

  • Learn to use Excel Services
  • Publish to Excel Services
  • Configure Excel Services

Lab 2: Excel Services WS

Module 22: Business Data Catalog


  • Business Data Catalo

Lab 1: Business Data Catalog

  • Import an application definition file
  • Utilize BDC web parts
  • Utilize Filter web parts

Lab 2: BDC Single Sign On

  • Modify BDC to Use Single Sign On

Lab 3: BDC Web Services

  • BDC Web Services API

Module 23: Business Intelligence


  • Business Intelligence

Lab 1: BusinessIntelligence

  • Install the Reporting Services Web Parts
  • Configure Reporting Services
  • Create a Reporting Services Report
  • Configure Reporting Services Web Part

Lab 2: BusinessIntelligence

  • Explore Report Center Site Template
  • Create a dashboard
  • Setup Key Performance Indicators
  • Lean to extend many of the core features that WSS provides! These include event handlers, site definitions, features, solutions, and web parts!

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Carmel Training & Deployments

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    • מערכות מחשוב On-Prem Infrastructure (שרתים ויישומים)
    • אבטחת מידע בענן ובסביבות מקומיות
  • אפיון ותכנון – אפיון פרויקטים הכוללים הטמעת מערכות בארגונים ובכלל זה, תכנון של דרכי ההשגה ומטרות הפרויקטים.
  • הטמעה – הטמעה של תהליכי השינוי עד להשגת היעדים כפי שאופיינו, החל מפתרונות ההדרכה וכלה בהטמעת מערכות בפועל בסביבה הארגונית הנרחבת.
  • פיתוח והטמעת פתרונות ענן ארגוניים
    • פיתוח ל Power BI
    • פיתוח ל Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps
  • שירותי תחזוקת IT – שירותי תמיכה לפתרונות ומערכות IT בארגונים בינוניים וגדולים.
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קורס office 365 - Word

קורס Office 365 – תוכנת Word כרטיסיות ורצועת כלים

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