Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Administration & Device Management


לקבלת סילבוס יש למלא את הפרטים

This course tackles two of the most important elements of Microsoft 365 IT management tasks:

  1. M365 Administration that will cover the following
    1. Tenant and service management- examine all the key components that must be planned for when designing your Microsoft 365 tenant
    2. Microsoft 365 management- configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, including your organizational profile, tenant subscription options, component services, user accounts and licenses, and security groups
    3. Microsoft 365 identity synchronization- plan for, and implement Azure AD Connect, how to manage synchronized identities access
  2. M365 Mobility will cover the following
    1. In-depth examination of Microsoft 365 device management. Planning for various aspects of device management, including preparing your Windows 10 devices for co-management.
    2. Transition from Configuration Manager to Intune, and introduction to the Microsoft Store for Business and Mobile Application Management.
    3. Transition from planning to implementing device management; specifically, your Windows 10 deployment strategy. This includes learning how to implement Windows Autopilot, Windows Analytics, and Mobile Device Management (MDM).
    4. How to deploy MDM, how to enroll devices to MDM, and how to manage device compliance.

This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role with Security major.

A proficient understanding of DNS and basic functional experience with Microsoft 365 services.

A proficient understanding of general IT practices.